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Please read the following rules carefully before signing in.

On the homepage of our website, you should see the link “Sign Up" or "Create an Account" button. Click on it and an e-form will open. Fill in all the details and make sure they are true. You can log in using your username and password to access your dashboard.
We do not have any restrictions against members who want to own several accounts. Our platform is offering total freedom of investing and you may create as many accounts as you want.
Not only is opening an account with our company free, but it is also quick and easy. No hidden charges or complicated paperwork or forms to complete. One of the things that make this opportunity, so appealing is its simplicity and clearly outlined the strategy.
We are a registered investment company that employs qualified investment professionals to handle your account. We set our clients as our top priority and strive to give the best possible result using advanced investment techniques. Our investment team specializes in cryptocurrency investment and deliver proven results.
Our company welcomes investors and individual proposals from all over the globe. We reserve the right to revoke any company products or services based on the guidelines of the terms of use or in any instance of infringement.
No, but we can assure you that we are not involved in anything that could be construed as illegal. What should concern you the most is the fact that there are zero taxes for you when you trade Bitcoins.
If you need to contact customer support, you can find our information posted on our website. We look forward to answering any questions that you may have. We will promptly handle any issues or concerns regarding your account.
On the login page, you should find the forgot password link. Click on it and follow the instructions. You will be able to reset your password. A second email will be sent to you containing your password.
You need to create an alphanumeric password. It should consist of numbers, small letters, capital letters, and symbols. Never share your password or use the same password across different platforms. Meanwhile, once your account has been created make sure you enable the two-factor authentication method. It provides you enhanced security layer to your account which prevents unauthorized login to your dashboard.
This is a secure system that allows account holders like you to prevent unauthorized users to access your account. In this system, you need to input your username, password, and two-factor authentication secret key to log in. To enable or disable the two-factor authentication method, you may log in to your account and follow the instruction in the "settings" page.
You need to contact our support staff who will immediately assess your account. Use the email you registered with to contact support agents. You can also use the “Account Recovery” option on the login page.
You need to contact support, then we will provide you the instruction on how to do it. Please note we do not send any confirmation/activation email so you may want to open a new account any time you want.
We accept Bitcoin and Payeer. In the future, we may add more payment systems as they become available.
They are fast, popular, widely used around the world, convenient to transfer funds and their fees are low. They do suit our business model making it easy to exchange funds in and out of our accounts. Furthermore, we don’t have to pay the extra tax.
Yes, we are. We have the most powerful DDoS protection with a 100% uptime guarantee. Our servers are located around the world and are protected by DDoSGuard which is the world’s largest and most trusted DDoS protection and mitigation provider. We have also implemented military-grade encryption to prevent unauthorized users from accessing our clients’ data and information. Don’t worry, your money is safe with us.
No, it does not. We convert every investment from BTC to USD and vice versa. This is done using real-time exchange rates when you make deposits and withdrawals.
This all depends on the management strategy, the volume of assets, and the structure of one’s portfolio. If you have more resources spent on fund management, your profits will be higher.
No, your daily sales are included with the principal. Depend on your investment amount you are entitled to earn from 12% up to 15% fixed daily profit for 12 calendar days.
Your account will remain intact but it is important to take the initiative and use our investment tools by depositing money.
You need to log into your account and on your dashboard, you should see a button/link that will enable you to deposit. Follow the instructions and if you have a problem with a step, do not hesitate to contact support immediately.
You need to log into your account and follow the instruction located on the "Account Statement" page.
The minimum deposit to make is $5.00 and there is no maximum. You can invest whatever you want as long as you reach the minimum.
No fees are charged when making a deposit. It is completely free.
The speed at which your account is topped up is affected by your chosen payment method. Payeer deposits will be credited to your account instantly however in case Bitcoins, our system requires 1 network confirmation to reflect the deposit. It could take from 2 minutes to 1 hour.
Yes, you can. Each investor has the potential of making unlimited deposits to their account.
Yes, you can. Each investor has the potential of making unlimited deposits to their account.
Yes, you can use your account balance to make a deposit. The option can be found in the "Deposit" page.
The minimum amount required to withdraw your Bitcoin balance is $3.00 however there are no minimum for Payeer. There is no maximum amount required for either Payeer or Bitcoin.
If you want to withdraw your profit, you need to enter the account and click on the "Withdraw" button on the menu of your dashboard. Then you need to specify the amount you want to withdraw and the account of your payment system. The next step is a preview page. Look through all the information provided and, if all the details of the profit withdrawal operation are correct, complete the operation.
All withdrawal requests process instantly. You get your funds regardless of the payment method you choose.
You may withdraw your account balance any time you want. We have no restrictions or limitations for withdrawal requests.
All withdrawal requests will process automatically with no human interference. Please contact your wallet provider to find out about your transaction.
First of all, you will be asked to provide your Payeer or Bitcoin address during the registration however if you ever missed that step, you can easily update your profile using the "update profile" page in your client area.
Our affiliate program is eligible for our members who have an active account. An active member/account is those who have made at least one deposit over a lifetime.
You need to start inviting individuals to our platform or promote our website using our banners or text ads. When a referral deposits into their account, you will earn a minimum of 5% commission. This is a great away to earn money as our affiliate program is flexible. Your commission increases to 12% depending on the number of affiliates you get.
When you open an account with us, your referral link is created automatically. You will find the link and banners in your affiliate section in your account. You will also view the total number of referrals and active referrals.
Will I receive a commission or bonus for any additional deposits made by my referral from an external payment system or account balance?
You will earn affiliate commission only and only if your referral uses their external wallet to make a deposit. You will earn anything if you make an additional deposit from their account balance.
Immediately your referral makes a deposit, the commission will be credited to your account.
There is none. This means the more your referrals invest, the more you will earn.
Yes, they can. Just make sure they are using their own identity to join
You can withdraw the commission immediately. It takes place as your account balance. You can also use it to make an additional deposit.
There are no hidden fees involved in the withdrawal process. We also take care of the miners' fee for Bitcoin withdrawals.